Channeling Vesta: Initiation of the Sacred Fire

Recently, I started using crystals to assist with my daily meditations. The purpose with this was to yield the inherent benefits of meditation, as well as to develop a relationship with my guide(s) via channeling.

I should take time out to mention that I have HAD experiences in the past where I successfully channeled a female light-being called Vesta/Vespa. However, these isolated incidences happened years ago and I was never really sure which name was correct since it was “spoken” to me in a very subtle way.

I started today’s crystal meditation out the same way that I start every crystal meditation. I put on my soundproof earmuffs and held a crystal in the palm of my right hand. The crystal that I chose for today was rose-quartz. I sat cross-legged while focusing on my breathing-patterns and feeling the rose-quartz crystal energy start to pulsate or beat.

I had been given a tip from my friend to channel crystal energy. I was told to project my thought energy to the crystals and wait for a response almost like telepathic communication.

I decided to ask what was the best way for me to gain access to the crystal. “What is the next step? What should I do to help transmit your energy in the best way possible?”

I received a response with a voice that was the same as mine, “I will show you.”

At this time, I noticed that the candle my wife had lit earlier, was beginning to flicker and make a “sputtering” or “flapping” sound. This held no significance in my mind since candles tend to do such things.

I seemed unsatisfied with that response and asked the same question again to get clarification. This yielded the same response, “I will show you.”

It was at this time that I felt the urge to practice visualization through my imagination to see what might transpire. I saw myself sliding down a tube-like black hole with rushing rapid water. This “tube” had a drop off that led into waterfall. I submerged under the water at the base of the waterfall and saw an underwater tunnel which I entered. I swam through the tunnel to reach a water oasis on the other side that had a piece of land with giant rocks surrounding it. This dry land had a giant fire that was ablaze. I climbed up onto the land and saw the flame change shape into a female figure. I was told to cast any questions that I had before the great fire.

I proceeded by asking the fire what the name of my spirit guide was.

The answer that I received was via visualization of letters spelled out, V-E-S-T-A and then VESTA.

This was sufficient enough for me.

I then opened my eyes and was acclimated to my physical surroundings.

I took a moment to reflect on this quite simple channeling that I just experienced. I reflected on how my candle light flickered and how the the visualization that followed featured The Great Fire. I used my browser on my phone to look up the name Vesta and see if anybody else had channeled this being before. I was pleased to find several results. I also found a Wikipedia result that displayed: “Vesta (Latin pronunciation: [ˈwɛsta]) is the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman religion. Vesta’s presence is symbolized by the sacred fire that burned at her hearth and temples.”

It was at this point that I knew the candle, the name Vesta and the “great fire” in the visualization in combination were no mere coincidence. I had met my personal oracle. I had channeled Vesta and was initiated by the sacred fire.



Meditation: The Bridge from the Mundane to the Mystical

Guiding Soul

It doesn't matter what code, creed or dogma one believes in. Almost all religions or philosophies seek to explain these two concepts; eternity of the soul and communion with God. However, these concepts were derived from mystics who attempted to explain their experiences of transcendence, not their beliefs. From Abraham, Moses, King Solomon, Jesus, Siddhartha "Buddha" Gautama, Lao-tzu and Muhammad, all of these people were able to glimpse beyond the veil into a state of communion with higher consciousness.

Various religions have been established around these individuals, but these mystics shared one thing in common: They sought out their own experience and relationship with God rather than merely following on the heels of another's beliefs. Different religions may use different terms and define God differently, but they all share the same common goal which is connection with the source of creation. The problem is that, many religious followers see themselves as sinners rather than divine children of God. By exalting these central religious figures and simultaneously viewing themselves as "unworthy sinners", they have eclipsed their own light. Instead of trying to experience what the mystics did, people have followed the words of their disciples. Rather than seeking to establish their own relationship with God, people follow the dogma that was laid out by people before them. It may be interesting to note that many churches, temples and religions were not created until after the mystic was deceased. It was rarely the wish for these mystics to be exalted and have entire structures created in their name. For if these spiritual seekers were to do so, it would contradict many of the tenets of which the religions describe.  This includes humility, faith, equality, patience and altruism.

Experience transcends belief.

If these mystics experienced God and sought to bring people closer to God, why then, would we cling so to someone else's beliefs rather than seeking to have our OWN experience? If you want to experience that which you believe in, you must employ a practice.

There are many mystical practices available in order to reach spiritual communion and no single method is wrong. As the old Sufi proverb states, "There are as many paths to God as there are souls on Earth." This implies that every soul is a vessel flowing back to its source. If all return back to the source, how do we ensure a seamless and harmonious travel on the path of least resistance? If there are as many paths to God as there are souls on Earth, how do we pave that path? My answer to this, is meditation.

Focus is of the Mind, Intention is of the Heart and Will is of the Soul.

If your intention is to know God, you can only will that to happen through great focus. Meditation can increase mental focus, and in turn, bring mind, heart and soul into alignment.

Matthew 7:14 "For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it."

If heaven is the gate, than meditation is the bridge. Through meditation, we can cross the bridge from the mundane to the mystical.


Synchronicity: The Unfolding Present

Map in hand

"Incidences can be as simple as the sensation of Déjà vu or a very stunning, intuitive moment where there is a feeling of being at the right place at the right time."



Many people all across the globe, report experiencing “strange coincidences” that  somehow cause a shift in awareness and spiritual awakening. Coincidences, that sometimes trigger phenomena such as euphoria, epiphany, satori (seeing into one’s true nature) and a plethora of psychic abilities. Although, not in every case do these “coincidences” yield such peak experiences. Incidences can be as simple as the sensation of Déjà vu or a very stunning, intuitive moment where there is a feeling of being at the right place at the right time. Regardless of the sensation experienced, most people can agree that the experience is exhilarating and life-affirming.



Carl Jung, a psychologist of prominent status in his time, first coined the term synchronicity. Jung explained synchronicity as, "A meaningful coincidence of physical and psychological phenomena that are acausal connected.” 

Synchronicity is sometimes prompted by recognizing time patterns. For instance, many people report seeing 12:34 or 11:11 tied into their early experiences of synchronicity. Now, to notice a number sequence or time pattern such as 11:11, may seem to have minuscule significance in the grand scheme of things. However, if the only time someone checks the clock during the day and it reads 11:11, this may change their thinking as well as their experience. On the other hand, synchronicity may have nothing to do with numbers at all. It may begin with a word or phrase that seems to keep making it's way into the subject's awareness. It may be a pattern that perpetuates itself the more conscious we become. 


clock 1234

"Synchronicity is sometimes prompted by recognizing time patterns."


 "Synchronicity is like a compass to help us navigate and guide us along."



Synchronicity is like a compass, to help us navigate and to guide us along. This helps us to become more in tune with our environment and aligns us with our gut-instincts and intuition. Intuition can be likened to an internal GPS. With the more often we use it, the more clear and precise the GPS connection becomes. It allows us to see the signs, signals and guideposts in our journey through life. These guideposts tend to stun mental activity and halt our movements like a stop sign, drawing our attention to the present moment. Then at a particular juncture, one might notice a freshly paved road to travel down or an off-beaten path that was always there but never previously noticed. 

I have heard it said, that the present moment is a gift. Synchronicity would then be the gift that keeps on giving. Synchronicity gives and delivers us to the moment. Like an unfolding present that seems to never end...