Meditation: The Bridge from the Mundane to the Mystical

Guiding Soul

It doesn't matter what code, creed or dogma one believes in. Almost all religions or philosophies seek to explain these two concepts; eternity of the soul and communion with God. However, these concepts were derived from mystics who attempted to explain their experiences of transcendence, not their beliefs. From Abraham, Moses, King Solomon, Jesus, Siddhartha "Buddha" Gautama, Lao-tzu and Muhammad, all of these people were able to glimpse beyond the veil into a state of communion with higher consciousness.

Various religions have been established around these individuals, but these mystics shared one thing in common: They sought out their own experience and relationship with God rather than merely following on the heels of another's beliefs. Different religions may use different terms and define God differently, but they all share the same common goal which is connection with the source of creation. The problem is that, many religious followers see themselves as sinners rather than divine children of God. By exalting these central religious figures and simultaneously viewing themselves as "unworthy sinners", they have eclipsed their own light. Instead of trying to experience what the mystics did, people have followed the words of their disciples. Rather than seeking to establish their own relationship with God, people follow the dogma that was laid out by people before them. It may be interesting to note that many churches, temples and religions were not created until after the mystic was deceased. It was rarely the wish for these mystics to be exalted and have entire structures created in their name. For if these spiritual seekers were to do so, it would contradict many of the tenets of which the religions describe.  This includes humility, faith, equality, patience and altruism.

Experience transcends belief.

If these mystics experienced God and sought to bring people closer to God, why then, would we cling so to someone else's beliefs rather than seeking to have our OWN experience? If you want to experience that which you believe in, you must employ a practice.

There are many mystical practices available in order to reach spiritual communion and no single method is wrong. As the old Sufi proverb states, "There are as many paths to God as there are souls on Earth." This implies that every soul is a vessel flowing back to its source. If all return back to the source, how do we ensure a seamless and harmonious travel on the path of least resistance? If there are as many paths to God as there are souls on Earth, how do we pave that path? My answer to this, is meditation.

Focus is of the Mind, Intention is of the Heart and Will is of the Soul.

If your intention is to know God, you can only will that to happen through great focus. Meditation can increase mental focus, and in turn, bring mind, heart and soul into alignment.

Matthew 7:14 "For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it."

If heaven is the gate, than meditation is the bridge. Through meditation, we can cross the bridge from the mundane to the mystical.